Frequently Asked Questions

The maintanance cost is fixed in EUR, that is why it`s value varies.

The maintenance cost is calculated on rate in BTC/EUR at 12:00 noon every day.

The calculating power is fixed depending on the difficulty. When the difficulty stays the same for a few days, the mining earnings stay the same.

We pay out the mining outputs in Bitcoins ONLY to all our customers. To ensure the high output power our hardware mines different types of cryptocurrency. Then our specialists exchange the alt-coins for Bitcoins on the best terms.

We stop the mining process. This is not your problem, it is ours. We can buy external power if it is needed.

We send you your bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet. You can connect your bitcoin wallet with your debit card like XAPO and MONACO. You can also send us your BTC address from Kraken or Poloniex where you can turn your bitcoins into dollars.

We cannot regulate Bitcoin price.

Yes. On the moment when a new better crypto currency is available with better transactions, independent and easier implementation – the Bitcoin will stand on its own strength against the markets. Bear in mind that bitcoin is growing every second and grows its strong features too.

We have a contract with a security company, armed guards. We have CCTV cameras. The area where the buildings are located has its own guards too.

To calculate this, you have to visit . There in the calculator you have to input the terahash count and the calculator will give you mining for the period you have selected.

The farm is a fast growing company where the mining machines grow. That is why the bitcoin mining grows fast.

We can sign a new contract or an annex to the same contract. gives you the opportunity to invest the minimum of EUR 225 for 1 terahash (TH/s). 

No. We do not want to take additional responsibility by maintaining unknown hardware or hardware with low capabilities.

Please look at your contract where it says: “Period: This agreement is for the following period: The service provider may terminate this agreement if the coins generated during the preceding 60 days are not sufficient to pay the daily maintenance and consumable charge mentioned above.”.

Your private data is 100% protected and secured with us. We will never sell or share your private data.

There are 2 possible reasons for this: 1. Bitcoin`s difficulty has increased. This is causing decreased mining per day; 2. the price Bitcoin to US has decreased. This is causing decreasing of Bitcoins because of the connection with the dollar, it is deducted from the Bitcoin.

No. This is our responsibility and part of the contract. We choose the software that spreads the hash power between the most profitable pools.