about us

This is an open ended contract and it ends when the cost of the electricity and maintenance is greater than the earnings in the Bitcoins.

The farm has its own premises and more than enough space for further development – over thirthy thousand square meters of premises as well as its own power station. The premises of the Farm are professionally organized in accordance with the latest global requirements for this activity. They are equipped with air conditioning and ventilation systems, which are one of the most important things to ensure a longer life of the hardware. A team of professionals with years of experience serves the capacities and technologies available. The farm provides the opportunity to its potential customers to visit the base and see the capacities after arrangement of an organized visit.

The farm offers real return on investment and potential for long-term development.

We have carried out a study on maintenance costs and offer you the lowest possible price in comparison to other competing companies. At this low maintenance cost, the company provides the opportunity to its customers to have a greater profit on their investment for a longer period of time.